Naples Motorsports is Proud to be an Authorized Tubi Style Dealer


There are many brands of “premium” sports exhausts available for your performance car, all claiming to offer a quality product, a special sound and improvements in performance. With such a bewildering array of products, you need to know why a Tubi Style exhaust should be the ONLY choice for your performance car.

Tubi Style are different. Each exhaust is handmade in a multi-million dollar factory in Modena, Italy. Each exhaust system is thoroughly developed and tested with a level of expertise that is simply not available to other exhaust suppliers. All Tubi exhausts are developed as a result of direct experience in top-line motor sport, going all the way up to Formula 1 cars. In addition, Tubi Style’s development partners are world leading. They are not just small workshops with a dyno, but are manufacturers with thorough and complete experience of each of the cars.

Finally, with a Tubi Style exhaust, you are safe in the knowledge that you have purchased a product that comes from a global company, a company with total commitment to the customer and most importantly, a company with sufficient resources to ensure that you receive the aftersales support and backup required to protect your performance car, your exhaust system and to help you get that visceral and exciting result you always wanted. All Tubi Style exhausts are made with 304-grade stainless steel and are finished with a fully polished surface unless indicated otherwise.

Tubi Style makes exhaust systems for each of these fine automobiles shown here. Please call Service at 239.430.5655 or Email Service for a quote on a Tubi Style exhaust system for your car. We will be happy to locate the correct exhaust system for your performance automobile and give you the best price and service, just as you would expect from Naples Motorsports.