Here are Some of Naples Motorsports Sold Vehicles for 2010

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12/24/10 – Kirk from right here in Ft Myers, is standing in front of his first Aston Martin. This DB9 is a one of a kind painted in Rolls Royce Black Kirsch. I know we'll see it back eventually when Kirk is ready for a change. Thanks Kirk. 12/24/10 – Scott & Bonnie are standing in front of their first Ferrari. Scott has had the idea of a Ferrari for a while, but finally made the jump and hasn’t looked back a day since. We appreciate the business guys! Have fun cruising around Ft. Myers in this gorgeous car! 12/14/10 – Being loaded up and shipped to Austin, TX, is this LeMans Blue Corvette Z06. Scott will be enjoying his gift to himself and his family on Christmas. Scott purchased the car right over the phone and was very pleased upon arrival. 12/11/10 – George just stopped by in his Porsche C4 to see if we had a Porsche Turbo (he'd always wanted a Turbo). We told him we had one coming in soon, but were surprosed when it came in that same evening. George came by to see it the next morning and it was love at first sight! Enjoy your first 911 Turbo George. 12/8/10 – Here is Ivan & Rochelle in front of their Ferrari California. Ivan has been driving a Mercedes SL since 1983, but has toyed with the idea of a Ferrari for years. After spending some time with Chris, he decided that the California was the car for him! He is driving his California everyday here in Naples, so keep an eye out for him! 12/8/10 – This was not Juerg & Silvia's first time at Naples Motorsports. They are local here to Naples for 6 months and call Switzerland home the other 6 months. They a both car enthusiasts and decided the Aston Martin DB9 was the perfect fit for the both of them. Juerg has had several exotics here in the USA and Switzerland so we know he'll be back to see Chris again! 12/3/10 – After months of searching specifically for a Carrera 4S, Mark & Rhonda landed on this gorgeous Guards Red Cabriolet. They drove the car back to Sarasota and have been loving it since. Thanks for the business guys! 12/2/10 – Bob is standing in front of his 08’ Jaguar XKR. Bob just moved to Naples, and was looking for something a bit more practical than his Dodge Viper. When he drove the XKR he knew this was the one for him. Thanks for everything, Bob. 11/20/10 – Here's Dr Mike standing by his Porsche C4. Mike has been to the dealership a few times and finally found the car he was looking for. Mike you were truly a great customer to work with, and thanks again for the business. 11/20/10 – This wonderful example of a Ferrari 360 spider F1 is going to Rick in IL. Rick called our dealership talked to Steve and bought the car over the phone. Rick thanks for the business and enjoy driving your 360, let us know when your ready for a 430. 11/18/10 – Max will be shipping this 2009 Ferrari 599GTB to his home in Tennessee.  Max also purchased a 2010 Ferrari California from Chris last year to keep at his home here in Naples. We know this won't be his last Ferrari, look for his picture in front of a 458 Italia next! Thanks again, Max. 11/11/10 – Here's Brian standing in front of his Red Ferrari. Brian has been looking for the right 430 for over a year. Once he saw ours the search was over. Congratulation's Brian and be careful with all those ponies. 11/11/10 – Here's Brian standing in front of his Red Ferrari. Brian has been looking for the right 430 for over a year. Once he saw ours the search was over. Congratulation's Brian and be careful with all those ponies. 11/6/10 – Markus and his wife Ariana came to the dealership to find a unique 4 door sedan. They left with this beautiful Maserati Quattroporte pictured here. Markus was very impressed with how the car drove and its good looks. Enjoy your Maserati Markus and thanks for the business. 11/3/10 – Bernardo from Miami is taking delivery of one the most impressive Maserati’s on the market. He is in front of his 09’ GranTurismo S. Thanks for the business Bernardo! 11/2/10 – Cliff & Terri came in to look at our Lamborghini and left in a Ferrari 360 spider. Cliff & his better half Terri could of not been nicer and so much fun to deal with. Cliff will be here again in 6 months for his 430, until then Cliff enjoy your 360. 10/27/10 – This is David and his new Murcielago Roadster. David is one of our many repeat customers that have bought several cars from us. We look forward to doing business with you in the future! 10/26/10 – A local to Ft. Myers, Eric loves the Cayenne Turbo so much, that he actually traded his 2005 Cayenne Turbo, with almost 100k miles, in for this gorgeous 9k mile truck. Enjoy your new Cayenne, Eric. We’ll be here when you’re ready for the next! 10/23/10 – Here is Pat and his wife who drove down from Tampa to pick up their new Viper. Pat has always wanted a Viper and his dream has now come true. Thanks again guys! Enjoy the new toy! 10/22/10 – Tom, his two sons, Bobby & Mike, and family friend, Virn, are standing in between their new cars. Tom flew everyone down to Naples to enjoy the weekend before shipping the 45 Italia back to Michigan. When we picked them up in a Maybach, Tom liked it so much he ended up buying that too! Thanks guys, see you soon! 10/22/10 – This is Tom & Ruth, with their son Tom, and dog Ginger. They are local here in Naples as well as Orlando. Be sure to keep an eye out for them driving around in this gorgeous California! Thanks for the Business! 10/21/10 – It didn't take long for Timo to decide that this 2004 Viper SRT10 was going to be his. Timo was visiting Florida and will be shipping this car to Sweden. Thanks for everything Timo. I'm sure you'll be one of the only Vipers in Sweden! 10/20/10 – Here is Tony and Nik in front of their new Florida toy. Tony and Nik have been friends with Chris here for many years, and now have joined the Naples Motorsports family. Thanks for the business guys! We know this is the first of many! 10/20/10 – Here is John & Ann are local here on Marco Island. Here they are taking delivery of their BMW 645ci. This is not their first purchase from us & we know it won't be their last!! Thanks again for the business guys. 10/11/10 – This gorgeous example of a 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider is on its way to its new owner, John, in New York. John traded Chris his 2007 Porsche Turbo. This is his first Ferrari, but we know it won’t be his last. Thanks for the easy transaction, John. 10/9/10 – This gorgeous Maserati Quattroporte is on its way to Michael in Connecticut. Michael it was a pleasure dealing with you, and enjoy your sports sedan. Thanks for trust and we look forward to selling you a Ferrari when the time comes. 10/6/10 – Here is Bob standing in front of his new Ferrari 599GTB. This is Bob is local to Naples and this is his first Ferrari. Bob was ready for a drastic change, so he traded Chris his Maybach, which you can see in the background. Bob is very excited to be the proud owner of this beautiful Ferrari. Thanks for the business Bob! Check out the new Porsche his wife bought in September (just three pictures away to the right). 9/28/10 – Tom from Maryland also bought this 2005 Maserati Spyder for his wife.  Tom is a good customer of ours and we appreciate the business. 9/28/10 – Todd just sold Tom this 2008 Ferrari Scuderia. Tom lives in Maryland and is a previous customer. Enjoy the Scud! We are having the car shipped up alongside of his 2005 Maserati he bought for his wife. Thank you for being such a good friend and client. 9/25/10 – Here is Alan and his son from Tampa. Alan is frequently on the NMS website, and finally saw a car that fit his criteria. He has his eye on a Ferrari, so be sure to watch for his picture again soon. 9/20/10 –Jan came in with her husband, Bob (pictured next to his 599GTB three pictures to the left), to look at Ferraris and fell in love with this one of a kind Porsche Turbo Cabriolet. This was a special order color called Grey Violet. Jan has already decided her next car is going to be a Ferrari California, so be sure to keep an eye out for her soon! Thanks for the business guys! 9/15/10 – Sam from Las Vegas purchased this 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom sight unseen from us.  Sam traded in a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo towards the Phantom.  Thank you for joining the family Sam! 9/10/10 –Brad is taking delivery of his Indy car (battery powered). Brad saw the Indy car on our website and sent his truck over to pick it up. 9/10/10 – Dan is taking delivery of his Ferrari 612 thru Exotic Car Transport.  Dan lives in Orlando, FL. Enjoy the 612 thanks for the repeat business! 8/28/10 – Doug came into the dealership and fell in love with this gorgeous 360 Spider. He is local here to Florida, and traded out of an older Porsche and a Bentley Arnage. He feels the Ferrari is a better fit for him. We agree! 8/26/10 – After a day on their boat in the Gulf, a very happy Sue and Jeff from England take delivery on her new baby blue Lamborghini Gallardo. She couldn't wait to take it for a drive to show it off. We hope you enjoy your new baby. 8/24/10 – Joey Kramer with areosmith has been a great customer to Naples Motorsports. Now a new Kramer has become a customer to our dealership, Linda Kramer. Linda purchashed a Lamborghini Spyder from us. Thanks for the purchase Linda and enjoy your Lambo. 8/24/10 – Tony and Joan have been to the dealership a couple of times and finally found the car they wanted. Thanks Tony and Joan for your purchase and enjoy your GTC. 8/20/10 – Scott has been coming into the dealership for a while, but could never decided the right car from him, until he saw this stunning Pearl Orange Lotus Elise. Scott flew down from Maine with a friend to drive the Elise home. 8/10/10 – Here is Jimmy from Naples FL standing next to his beautiful Audi R8!  Jimmy has purchased over 10 cars from us here at Naples Motorsports!  Jimmy thanks for the business and enjoy your new car! 8/10/10 – This is Jason from Naples, FL standing next to his 2008 Maserati GranTurismo.  Jason is a local that’s been coming into the dealership for years.  We finally made his dream come true!  Enjoy the Maserati and thank you for the business. 7/31/10 – Nitish, a local business owner here in Naples has traded in his Mercedes for this gorgeous Maserati QuattroPorte. As you can see, he is very happy with his purchase! Thanks, Nitish. 7/29/10 – If you are ever in Indianapolis be sure to keep am eye out for Kevin in this gorgeous Maserati Spyder. Kevin bought the car sight unseen from Indiana and was extremely pleased when it arrived! Thanks Kevin. 7/17/10 – Congratulations to Karen & Bob from Tampa, FL. This 2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti could not get out of Bob’s mind from the moment he saw it. After joining us at our breakfast event in July Bob decided to trade in his 2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 Zagato with only 1k miles on it towards this Ferrari. Bob & Karen wanted something they could drive instead of look at. What a perfect choice! All of us at Naples Motorsports want to thank you both for your business and we look forward to more cars in the future. 7/16/10 – Bob from Naples drove past our dealership and spotted the Gray Mercedes CL550 sitting on our lot. He just knew it was the right car to trade out of his Corvette for, as long as his Golf Clubs fit in the trunk. You will find Bob at the Grey Oaks Golf Club most days. 7/16/10 – Here is Seth and Kay from Tampa standing in front of their 2006 Aston Martin Vantage! They were in Naples for the weekend and fell in love with this car. Their decision was so last minute, Chris actually came in on Sunday to do the paperwork with them! Thanks for the business guys! See you on your next trip down! 7/15/10 – Steve and Beatrice. It was a pleasure meeting you both when you flew into see your new car. I am glad Beatrice is starting feel better, hopefully you will be fully recovered by the time your Bentley gets to California so you can enjoy her. 7/5/10 – JP was referred to NMS by a friend, and as you can see he was happy with what he saw. JP drove over for the day from Miami to look at this gorgeous Maserati GranTurismo, and now is driving it home. Thanks JP! 6/11/10 - Dan and Rhonda from Saskatchewan, Canada just received their new Vette! Dan writes: “My Baby has arrived! What can I say . . . the car has arrived and I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!! While I could not get plates for it (too late in the day), and therefore have not driven it yet . . . I cannot say enough about how happy I am. The car is all that you had promised and more. I'm sure through our dealings you could tell I was more than a little apprehensive buying something like this sight unseen, but you guys were awesome with the WOW service you provided right from the beginning. I can't thank you enough! Thanks so much for the gift bag with your Naples Motorsports items. Just also wanted you to know how much I enjoyed dealing with Dan the driver from Air Group as he kept me well informed all the way from your dealership to my door in Saskatchewan Canada. So in closing, again, thank-you so much for everything and would not hesitate to deal with you again. Maybe, just maybe, we will somehow get down to Florida and meet you sometime. I would really like to shake your hand and thank-you in person!, Dan Fradette (P.S. . . . I may have to sleep in the car tonight!!)” . 6/8/10 – This gorgeous Gillis Green Aston Martin DB9 is headed to its new home in Colorado. Heidi and her family were down in Naples for a little vacation when they happen to walk into our showroom. As you can see, she fell in love with the car. Thanks for the business guys! 6/1/10 – Here is Trang's wife Vannie with her new Maserati GranTurismo. Thanks for the business guys! 6/1/10 – Here is Trang by his gorgeous Lamborghini Diablo Roadster. Trang brought his wife, Vannie, down to buy her a Maserati GranTurismo and while sitting at Chris’ desk, realized that his dream car was sitting in the showroom . . . Now both cars are in his garage. Trang and Vannie are from Orlando, FL but will be transferring to Texas soon! Thanks for the business guys! 5/25/10 – Here is Sam from Tampa FL with his Mom and Aunt with not one but purchased two cars from us in the sameday!  Sam has been a great customer/friend of ours here at Naples Motorsports.  Thanks you so much for the business and enjoy your new cars!  Talk to you soon! 5/11/10 – After a couple weeks of looking Neil decided that this 2005 Ferrari F430 Spider 6-Speed was his new baby. Look for Neil strolling around Ft. Lauderdale in this great car. We know you’re not missing your Corvette when you start this baby up in the morning. Enjoy Neil! We’ll be here when you’re ready for a new toy! 4/30/10 – This is Ben in front of his new Maserati GranTurismo. Ben lives in Ft. Lauderdale and traded in a Mercedes Benz CLS on his new toy. We know your still enjoying the new car. We will see you again when you’re ready for something new! Thanks Ben! 4/15/10 – Here we have Pavel in front of his 08’ Jaguar XKR. After lots of searching Pavel landed on our website and fell in love with our XKR. After driving over from Boca Raton he drove home in his new Jaguar. Thanks for the business Pavel. 4/7/10 – Kelly knew what he wanted when he walked in the door. This 07’ F430 Spider which is super rare to find in a 6 speed manual fitted his criteria. Kelly is local here in town and super picky, but didn’t find any flaws in our car! Kelly traded in his 08’ Corvette and hasn’t looked back since. Thanks for the business Kelly! 3/31/10 – John in Pennsylvania has his new toy coming to him. He purchased this gorgeous 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1. John was in town for a wedding and came in to see what we had. Once he left he couldn’t get this 360 off his mind, so he had to put it in his garage. We’ll see you for the next one soon! 3/30/10 – Patrick and family are picking up their two new toys. They have a vacation home here in Cape Coral and wanted some toys. Patrick fell in love with our custom Can Am Spyder and our Jet Ski. Both will look great in the garage! Enjoy guys! See you soon! 3/30/10 – Part 2 - Patrick and family are picking up their two new toys. They have a vacation home here in Cape Coral and wanted some toys. Patrick fell in love with our custom Can Am Spyder and our Jet Ski. Both will look great in the garage! Enjoy guys! See you soon! 3/30/10 – Part 3 - Patrick and family are picking up their two new toys. They have a vacation home here in Cape Coral and wanted some toys. Patrick fell in love with our custom Can Am Spyder and our Jet Ski. Both will look great in the garage! Enjoy guys! See you soon! 3/29/10 – Here goes another . . . This 2010 Ferrari California is headed to Bill in New Jersey. Bill is already a Ferrari owner and came to Naples to visit when he fell in love with this California. Bill now will have this gorgeous example next to his F430 in the garage. Enjoy the new car Bill! See you next time you’re in Naples! 3/27/10 - Martin saw the Cayenne on line and after talking with Darren on the phone decided to fly down and drive the Cayenne home. 3/27/10 - Carol and Gary came in to just browse and ended up liking the car so much that when they heard someone else was going to look at the car that afternoon they left a deposit and came back a few day later to finalize. 3/23/10 - Vann came in one day while they were here on business and just loved the car. Bought Diana back to see it and she agreed with him that they should buy it. 3/20/10 – Gayle came from the other coast of Florida to look at our 08’ Aston Martin V8 Vantage. When she got here she found everything she was looking for, our great cars, facility, and staff. When she was here, she also fell in love with one of our Ferrari California’s. I know she will be back soon to take delivery of one! Thanks for the business Gayle. 3/13/10 – This is Marc from Naples is sitting next to his 2007 Cypress Green Bentley GTC. He stopped by to look around and fell in love with the Bentley!  Marc traded in a real clean BMW Alpina Z8. Thank you for the business and enjoy the car. 3/6/10 – Phil and Diane were on their way to the local Porsche dealer from Marco Island when they realized the great deals we have here at Naples Motorsports. They stopped by to check out our 2007 Boxter S and had to drive it home. Thanks for the business guys! Don’t forget to stop by for our monthly breakfasts. 2/27/10 – David is standing in front of his 99’ Ferrari 355 Spider. David was a true Porsche fan until Chris took him out in this Ferrari. He never thought he could love a car more than his collection of Porsches, but we accomplished that! Thanks for the business David, I know we will be seeing you again in the future! Here is what David had to say about his experience with Naples Motorsports: &8220;Good morning, Yesterday was a bit stressful for me. Out-of-town guests were due and Camilla was under the weather because of her ongoing painful recovery. When I found about 45 minutes of free time between 'responsibilities' I decided to drive my 355 a bit to clear my head. It worked. The tone of that Ferrari V8 at 7500rpm proved therapeutic. But it was not all about the car. I also thought about my experience with Naples Motorsports. You have a team  in the truest sense of the word. You understand the needs, and more importantly the wants of each customer. You create an environment that blends professionalism and good ole fun. I just want you to know that I appreciate it. David&8221; 2/24/10 - Tim from Indiana came in with his 430 Spider looking for a 599. After dealing with Rob our General Manager the deal was done and Tim drove off with the 599. Thanks for the beautiful trade and we look forward to doing more business. 2/19/10 - Rhetta from South Carolina thought she wanted to get into a Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica, when she was looking around and came across our Rubino Red car with Tan interior, she knew this was the car for her. She flew in and saw that the pictures didn't even do the car justice, I was better than expected. After spending the day with Chris she realized that dealing with Naples Motorsports is unlike dealing with any dealership. She ended up trading in her Maserati and is very excited to have the Ferrari. Thanks for the easy transaction Rhetta. We look forward to many more in the future. 2/11/10 - Dr. Ron is from New Jersey. Ron was down here visiting his son Andrew who is one of our best customers and fell in love with this SL55. Ron traded in his CLK and is very excited about his new AMG Mercedes. Thanks for the trade and good luck! 2/10/10 - George and Hope from Estero and NJ. Came to the Fifth Avenue car show and Hope just fell in love with the car and told me then and there that it was her car. 2/10/10 - Jed and Debra are from Boston and spend alot of time here in Naples. They have been looking for the perfect Bentley GTC and found it here at Naples Motorsports. Jed and Debra flew down to take delivery of the Bentley and had their Ferrari shipped down to us as a trade! Good luck and we look forward to doing more business in the future. 2/10/10 - George and Hope were out shopping for a new vehicle and couldn't keep their eyes off this Maserati Executive GT. After a quick drive with Darren they fell in love with everything about this Maserati. George and Hope are now great customers and friends of Naples Motorsports. We know they will enjoy their new purchase. Thanks again! 1/29/10 - Will from Massachusetts is patiently awaiting his beautiful 360 Coupe. Will saw this 360 on our website and had to find out a little more about it. Once he spoke to us over the phone he was more than comfortable with the Ferrari. Will, enjoy the Ferrari and hopefully the weather gets warm up in Massachusetts quick. 1/28/10 – Here is Bob in his new SL55. Bob & his wife Beth are local to Naples. They came into the dealership and couldn’t leave without this beautiful Mercedes. Thanks for the business and the vodka guys! 1/28/10 - Mario from Naples has been looking at this 328 GTS and finally had to call it his. It was like Mario hit the Lottery the day he picked it up from us. It was a dream he had always had to own a perfect 328 and we made that dream come true! Good Luck Mario and enjoy the Ferrari! 1/26/10 - William from Brooklyn New York called us over the phone on this 07 Gallardo Spider and spoke to John. Before we knew it Will bought this Gallardo sight unseen as many of our customers do. Will was a pleasure to do business with and is very excited to take delivery. Will, we wish you the best with the Lambo and send us some pictures of it sitting next to your Ferrari! 1/19/10 – Al & Adrienne are locals here in town who went to the Promenade Car Show we did and fell in love with this beautiful Maserati Spyder. What caught their eye the most was the extremely rare color combination. This is their first Maserati but I am sure it won’t be their last purchase from us. Thanks for the business guys and we look forward to many more in the future. 1/19/10 - Torsten is from Naples and is very excited about his new purchase from us here at Naples Motorsports. Torsten was unsure of what he wanted as a toy and decided after some thought and direction from one of our staff members, Chris, that he was going to trade his Cayenne S in for this SL! Enjoy your new convertible and thanks for the beautiful trade. 1/15/10 - Jennifer and Richard are from Windermere Florida. They finally made a decision on a car for Richard. Richard and Jennifer came in looking for a car last month and ended up buying a Bentley for Jennifer. It was a bit over a month before he decided on the SLR. It was quite a choice and we are more than happy to do business with great people. Thanks guys and enjoy your new cars. 1/27/10 - Jeff is a local Realtor here in Naples. Jeff has been coming  into the dealership for a while and has wanted a Ferrari for a long time. Jeff didn't realize that the Ferrari was in his price range and we made it easy as usual. Jeff drove off with the 360 Spider before he knew it. Enjoy the Ferrari Jeff and Good Luck! 1/09/10 - Chasen is a part time resident here in Naples and after coming into the dealership he ended up buying this beautiful Range Rover! You wont have any problem dealing with the weather up in Ohio with your new Rover! Enjoy and thanks for the business. 1/08/10 - Kirby, a part time Naples resident came in originally on our Blue 90th Anniversary Maserati and like alot of our customers ended up buying a Silver Spyder instead! Kirby loves his Maserati and is more than happy with it! Kirby, thanks and enjoy your new toy! 1/07/10 - Richrard from Michigan is the new proud owner of this 2008 Ferrari 430 Spider. Richard will enjoy the Ferrari once the weather breaks in Michigan. Being his first Ferrari he is in for an enjoyable spring and summer! Thanks for a smooth transaction and drive safe. 1/06/10 - Budde and Sheryl are here in Naples for the great weather over the winter. Budde was looking for a new toy and with the help of Chris here at Naples Motorsports Budde came to the conclusion that the R8 was the perfect fit! Not only is Budde a customer he is now part of the Naples Motorsports family! Thanks for the business and enjoy the R8! 1/05/10 - Frank who lives in New Jersey but has a place on Marco Island came into the dealership to kill some time with his son. Before he knew it after talking to Chris he purchased this beautiful 2007 Gallardo Spider. Frank was shocked that he ended up buying this Lamborghini and is more than happy with his decision! Have fun Frank and we look forward to seeing you when you come by for the breakfast the first Saturday of every month!